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Our wool slippers are made from 100% merino wool from New Zealand. The wool is hand dyed using low impact dye (azo-free and metal-free dyes), making it safe for even the most sensitive skin. All slippers are designed in the Berkshires, MA and handmade in Kathmandu, Nepal by using  soap and water. 

Caring for the slippers
Wool does not soil easily. It is strong for oil and grease; therefore, the slippers do not need frequent washing. If the slippers get dirty, try spot cleaning first. Use a sponge with lukewarm water and natural soap to remove the stain, then pat dry. If you need to wash the entire slipper, it is best to hand wash them. Always use lukewarm water. Squeeze water from the slippers after washing, shape the slippers and place them to dry in a room (or outside in the shade). 
Over time, wool balls may form from daily wear. In that case, use a scissor to trim the wool balls rather than pulling them off. 

Benefits of our slippers

  • Wool slippers keep your feet warm during cold months, while keeping them cool during warm months. 
  • Wool slippers massage your feet. For tired feet after wearing shoes all day, wool felt slippers will provide soft comfort and relaxation to your feet.  
  • Wool slippers are breathable and regulate temperature. They are warm, but they produce dry-heat, preventing your feet from sweating.
  • All mos pink slippers use suede soles to protect from slipping on hard wood floors.

Slipper Photos

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Hand Crafted Wool Slippers